New Usenet provider in 2017?
Less consolidation!

As we’ve developed and tested the UsenetExpress back end systems over the last few months, one question has come up multiple times from colleagues we’ve enlisted to help test. “Usenet is still around and you’re starting a new company providing Usenet service?”. Well, we all know that Usenet is still alive and kicking… and we feel that it’s a great time to start a new service!

I was the founder of a Usenet provider back in the early 2000s that grew into one of the largest providers at the time. The company was sold in 2006 and has continued to grow and flourish. Unfortunately the Usenet industry has had massive consolidation over the last ten years. Only a handful of companies own or control most of Usenet and I think most would agree this isn’t ideal for the industry. We’d like to offer an alternative to the current providers and do our part to make Usenet a little less consolidated.